"As a mother, I am constantly striving to provide a nutritious, wholesome meal experience to my child in the hope that she inculcates conscious, healthy habits as she grows. It only makes sense then to also make her appreciate mother earth and our common resources. I encourage her and our entire family to make everyday choices which impact our environment positively, however small it may seem. Choosing SuckIN straws has been a great "small change" in our every day lives. As a doctor, I can appreciate the grade of steel and easy to clean features. But as a mum, it fills my heart will delight and pride that my three year old insists on traveling with her "good for nature straw" set to restaurants and birthday parties. She pulls it out with triumph and informs her little pals how "plastic is not fantastic" and how "I can make a change and so can you ". Its a great initiative - I'm glad our government thinks so too by the recent ban on plastic bags and straws. More power to the innovators who are providing us with environmental acceptable alternatives."

- Dr Raashi Khatri Panjabi, Mother & Doctor