Frequently asked questions

What are the steel straws made of? Are they rust proof?

All SuckIN steel straws are made of the highest quality of stainless steel; Food Grade (SS304 - same as your cutlery and vessels) or Medical Grade (SS316 - same as surgical equipment used in hospitals). Both of which are rust proof, lead free, BPA free, flavour free and do not react with any liquids or foods making them absolutely safe to use.

How do you clean the straws?

All our straws are dishwasher safe. Brushes for cleaning are provided with all SuckIN straws. These brushes go right through the straws and come out of the other end assuring you that there is no residual particle inside. Additionally, SuckIN straws have a smoothened inner surface preventing any residue.

How many times can you reuse the straws?

SuckIN Steel straws can be used endlessly just like your steel cutlery and vessels. SuckIN Bamboo straws on the other hand can be used upto 20 times if maintained properly. Bamboo being a natural product could absorb colours present in drinks and could crack or blacken over time.

How are the bamboo straws made? Is it sustainable?

SuckIN bamboo straws are procured from dried bamboo of a sustainably super fast growing bamboo species native to North East India. The branches are carefully selected, cut to size, boiled, cleaned, dried and then sent to the various locations. The water used for cleaning the bamboo straws is then used to water the plants, thus minimizing wastage.

How hygenic is it to reuse a straw?

SuckIN straws have smooth inner and outer surfaces preventing any particles from accumulating. SuckIN straws are also dishwasher safe, sterilisation tank safe and can withstand steam and high temperature of water. These processes not only clean the surface but kill any residual bacteria, rendering them safe to use again. If you could reuse cutlery, why not reuse a straw !

How safe is it to use these straws? Can it be used by children?

It is absolutely safe to use by children and senior citizens alike. The edges of the steel and bamboo straws are smoothened to prevent it from cutting skin. We recommend to use our straws for children above 2+ years of age.

How do I care for my SuckIN straws?

We reccomend storing the straws in the muslin pouch in a dry place. Steel straws would develop some scratches and loose their lustre over time hence keeping them wrapped in a soft cloth would help preserve the surface for longer. Bamboo straws should be kept in a dry place to prevent any mould from growing on it. SuckIN straws should be cleaned regularly.