Bamboo straws - Pack of 8

Bamboo straws - Pack of 8

SKU: BB-8-9

Packet of 8 (approx. 9 inch) eco friendly, reusable, bamboo straws and a brush to

clean which are easy to carry and use on a daily basis. All our straws are cleaned, cut and boiled to prevent any residual flavour. Our straws have a smooth inner surface

preventing any food particles from accumulating; are dishwasher safe and the brush

makes it easy to clean. The edges of the straw are rounded to make it safe to use by

children and senior citizens alike. Serve to conserve.


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    Store in a cool dry place to prevent any growth of mold. Clean thoroughly before use. Straw could absorb colour present in foods /drinks. Could develop discolouration and cracks. If maintained properly each straw will last up to 20 uses. Wash thoroughly with warm water and dishwashing soap before use.Sustainably made in India with love.

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