Steel Travel Folding cutlery kit

Steel Travel Folding cutlery kit


SuckINs' set of ergonically designed eco-friendly foldable stainless steel cutlery- spoon, fork and knife.  Durable, high-quality finish, stain and odour resistant, rust proof, lead free, BPA free and flavour free. Our cutlery is easy to carry/ store as it comes in a compact pouch. Its easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It is safe to use by children and senior citizens alike.

  • Care

    Wipe clean or give it a quick rinse with water and dishwashing soap after use. 

  • Dimensions

    Spoon:153mm X 40mm

    Fork 153mm x 24mm

    Knife 153mm x 21mm

    Pouch 116mm x 83mm

  • Colour

    Silver as stainless steel.

    Scratches and line may develop on usage.